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How to Stop Struggling With Consistency

S2 Ep.12

In this video we bring back Sean Zubor to talk about habits and consistency in real estate agents and business owners. Becoming a successful realtor is really simple but not easy, it just requires consistency in simple things.

How to 3X Your Rental Income with AirBnb

S2 Ep.11

In this episode of the big deal real estate podcast we bring back Jordan Deyrmenjian to talk about increasing your rental income with the use of airbnb throughout the Vancouver real estate market.

How To Be Better And Grow As A Person

S2 Ep.10

In this video we are going to talk about the bullet proof mindset that is needed to become a 7 figure earning realtor.

Investing In Mexico From Canada

S2 Ep.9

In this episode of the Big Deal Real Estate podcast we bring on Clayton Diebert to discuss investing in Mexico real estate or possibly moving to Mexico from Canada. Specifically Puerto Vallarta.


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